From time to time in my car I listen to what I call “Irrelevant Radio” when I need a chuckle or when I want to hear what the “other side” is thinking.  From my perspective, lots of chuckles, but not much serious thinking going on there.  One example from a while back that I have no hope of finding in their archived programs, but trust me this was real.

A priest was on and he was talking about how the United States is a “Pagan Nation.”  No idea where he got that considering we are 71% Christian and about 90% religious.  But what he said next doubled me over with laughter.  He said that the USA should turn to the Church so that today we could experience the way that Christians reformed the Roman Empire and lead the world into the “glorious Middle Ages.”  Known to the rest of us as the “Dark Ages,” but, whatever.

Even having been raised Catholic, I am stunned at the type of things that go over the air from Irrelevant Radio.  I had thought Purgatory was a dead (sorry for the pun) issue, but apparently not.  The number of times that it is emphasized that that Devil is a literal real entity running around messing up the world is flabbergasting to me.  And much more.  I am sure I will mention many of these things here in the future.

I will sometimes relay these things to a friend of mine who was also raised Catholic (we are both “Cradle Catholics,” as the Irrelevants are so fond of saying over and over).  Both of us left the cradle and none of that church stuff stuck.

When I tell her something I heard, she will often say, “It just sounds like the lies that someone tells after they have been caught lying.”  Indeed.

Which reminds me of Ptolemy’s epicycles.  As you may recall these were the extra circles that the planets had to have in their orbits in order to fit the earth centered solar system hypothesis (that the church later became much too fond of.)  Whether these circles were delusions, lies, fabrications or just theories, I will leave to someone else.  But they weren’t real and when the actual explanation came along, they simply vanished, recognized for the ad hoc, made up stories that they were.

I like the idea of referring to such things as “epicycles.”  Sounds nicer and more educated than “lies.”  Or even “Stories a Father told me.”